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googly eye bobby pins

Today I have the EASIEST craft!  All that is needed is some googly eyes $1. Bobby pins $1 and a hot glue gun! (you can get a fun variety of googly eyes HERE)  Glue on an eye to the end–or fill the whole bobby pin with eyes! Then you can just add these bobby pins […]

25 girl hair styles for toddlers and tweens

This is a post I’ve been working on ALL summer long.  I like to dabble in hair dos…My daughter has had thick long long long hair since she was 3 years old–so It’s like I’ve had my own little barbie doll to play with!  As my girls have gotten older, they have become opinionated…and never […]

Fourth of July hair!

So Last year we got festive with some fourth of July star hair…(go here)   and I wanted to show you that you can do it with twists as well as braids… and then we kept going and made a fun braid… You just take some ribbon (this was 1 inch wide) and just add […]

fourth of july STAR hair!

I occasionally  impress myself and others by doing my kids hair all fancy like.. very rare occasions. sometimes I impress myself that I remind them to brush their hair before we leave the house. sometimes I’m just impressed my kids are clothed.   anyways…here’s a REALLLy easy way to get festive for the fourth of […]