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American Girl doll diy clothes and accessorizes that you can DIY

Like I said on THIS post…my daughter recently got a My generation doll for Christmas. Entered us into this whole new world of DOll EVERYTHING!!! So many fun things we can make (versus spending $100 on buying your own!) I’m pretty sure that some of these dolls live a better life than me!!! Anyways…here are […]

Gift for girl TWEENS!

This post contains affiliate links!   My daughter. oh. my daughter. She is 12. and caught in the hard place of not being into toys…and not wanting to be done with toys (ie if I gave her just clothes she would be so bored on Christmas!) So I thought I would share the presents that […]

Skirting the Issue: the utility skirt

So this is my third year (I think) doing Skirting the issue with my favoritest people Simple simon and co. (In a nutshell, skirting the issue is making and donating skirts to girls in foster care!  You can go here to see how and where you can donate!  and I’m here to show you a […]

girl present ideas–sleepover kit!

so…my side of the family draws names between the 15 grand children… and we made a rule to do homemade.. cause there funnier. and we like to ruin our christmas seasons by running around with our heads chopped off… anyways. my family pulled out the big guns. it was the best christmas ever (said in […]

felt mat GIRL STYLE.

Remember that  boy felt car mat I made  for my cute little nephew (click HERE to take you to the boy mat tutorial.) …and when I gave it to him at his party…my neice loved it! and played with it and played with it. So I knew that a girl one was needed…and since her […]

Dress up suitcase GIRL VERSION!!!

    Finally found me a suitcase worthy of a makeover… rrrrreeedddd~! And this baby was only $3.00. Recovered the inside Painted the outside: Princess theme per daughters request: Fill it up: And for the whole tutorial or in case you missed the boy version click HERE