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bloody pancakes

these bloody pancakes are the easiest things to make! totally gross and gruesome and I don’t’ know why bloody things are something I totally love this year! you just use THIS recipe also known as…. It’s hands down the yummiest stuff to put in your stomach. I would drink it…if it weren’t for the 2 […]

Bloody cupcakes…..

If you know anything about me…it’s this.  I suck at hard projects. I lack the precision…the patience…and practice. I don’t like any of it. I like fast. easy. and quick. So when it comes to going to halloween parties..I want to be able to take a fun treat…..that doesn’t involve me throwing fondant against the […]

divine syrup–literally the best syrup HANDS DOWN. ever. in the history of pancakes. So delicious. pinky promise.

and i ain’t a liar! I promise you this guys….If you eat this one time..you will not be able to go back to regular syrup!!! We went up to my mom’s house and she fed it to us! life changing. LIFE. CHANGING.  I half this recipe and it feeds me and my three kids! when […]

easy halloween drink with peep straws!

today i’m part of the cupcake diaries fun series…30 days of Halloween!! 30 days of fun treats, printables, and all sorts of yummy things! and today i’m up (come back later today to see my awesome food friday post!) I don’ t consider myself a foodie…unless you  count stuffing your face with other people’s food–cause […]

sparkling strawberry lemonade (food friday!)

so excited to have alli here on my blog. I got to hang out with her at snap….and I loved loved loved her! and I love her blog/recipes..cause they are stuff that I totally would ACTUALLY make…like i know my kids would love them and they are full of ingredients that I have in my […]

Layered ice cream cake…EASY!!!

I don’t know what it is about ice cream cake…i mean i eat ice cream…on the side of cake. but it’s not the same.   ice cream cake..it’s my favorite. FAVORITE!!!! and this is the EASY PEASY WAY to make a layered ice cream cake     and guess what…it’s SO STINKING EASY!!! You just […]

Homemade ice cream in a baggie!

This the most fun activity your kids will do this summer… cause after you get done with the fun of it.. you get to eat it! ha! Ingredients: 1 cup half and half 2 Tbs sugar 1/2 tsp vanilla mix together in a small sandwich baggie. in a large ziplock baggie Ice and 1/2 cup […]

goldfish carrots–food friday

i don’t know how my kids have teeth. with how much crap they consume i’m SHOCKED that they haven’t completely rotted away. that being said…i’ve already purchased HOards of candy for their easter baskets. i’m an enabler. and i love chocolate. but in case you are looking for an alternative for easter candy…these cute goldfish […]

Food Friday!

Today I thought I would share some of my most favoritest recipes found around pinterest! Don’t you Hate when you pin something that looks so good, buy all the stuff for it…Spend the day making it…Only have your kids tell you how much they hate it! (and sadly you agree!) I don’t like to cook…so […]

pizza rolls….and pizza bomb. FOOD FRIDAY

pizza roll/pizza bombs are one of our favorite things to make. it’s easy and you can totally customize per person so everyone feels like they are getting what they want. and did i mention how easy they are? you need pizza dough…i buy one…cause i’m lazy and hate waiting for it to rise. mozzarella cheese […]

Food Friday–BAKED caramel corn.

can i go on a mini rant? silly me. it’s my blog and i’ll rant if i want to. i hate when there are words that you pronounce two ways. like Caribbean or CarIbbEAn and tomato toMATo… and caramel….or CAREamel….. drives me nuts. mainly cause i don’t know if I am saying it wrong…. either […]

valentines candy skewers!

phew! glad scarf week is over! (OKAY..my daughter is glad it’s over. i had to start paying her a dollar every time she posed for me. (make sure you didn’t miss any and go HERE to see them all!!!) but now..it’s on {for valentines} like donkey kong! guys! these valentines candy skewers are the funnest […]

food friday–giant kisses for valentines day!

A really fun and easy treat to make for your loved ones on Valentine’s Day.  A giant KISS! AND with Rice Krispies on the inside, it will be a sure crowd pleaser! I’ve even got some free printable tags to attach to them!   I totally remember my sister and mom making a giant kiss… […]

poppyseed glazed ham sandwiches

so. listen. when i post recipes i don’t you all to be like pashaw! that is a six sisters recipe! cause i ain’t trying to knock off recipes. All i’m doing is sharing recipes that have slowly filled up my recipe binder through the years… old hand me downs tried and true recipes. new recipes […]