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How to make a pom pom garland

I was showing you guys how to make a pom pom garland on Instagram and I had so many questions that I thought I had better sit down and write out all the details! They are really easy to make (and REALLY addicting!) I want to make a seasonal one for EVERY season! Perfect across […]

felt flower roundup

I love felt flowers…they are so pretty…and made with a glue gun! You can pop them in your hair, a vase, on a wreath     or on a sign So here are some gorgeous felt flower tutorials! I especially love them because felt is so cheap. They just take a little time and have […]

Throwback Thursday–felt batman activity mat.

Even though it’s not exactly warm weather yet…we have been spring cleaning. Out with the old…I’m ready to get rid of all the junk!! One thing we came across was all my son’s old batman toys. He spent YEARS collecting all the bad guys and batmans and played with them for  hours on ends! I […]

felt flower wreath from Floracraft®

I got another fun package in the mail from Floracraft®!   It was filled with FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam wreaths: 12”, 14”, 16” and 18” and Design it:® Simple Style® 21” Decorative Mesh – Blue Ombre and Orange Ombre (isn’t that mesh amazing!!! ) I really had a bunch of fun! I actually made a few […]

princess felt mat…another one..

  If you are planning on a fun trip…Make sure to check out Get Away Today!  I made a basic princess mat here….but i wanted one that was more…disney princess related…. so I plugged in the glue gun and got at it. I first started by gathering all my princess movies for reference…and started cutting… […]

oops.. i did it again. (lego felt mat)

now i have you singing britney don’t i? I made another felt mat…..lego style.. I made it HUGE…..the felt is 2 yards wide at joanns….so I got 2 yards to  make it an even square. I folded it up and took some string and a sharpie and made a perfect circle (It cost me $6 […]

holy felt mat batman….

So, I have been posting a lot of boy presents lately (I’m so proud by the way…boys are hard for me) I have been doing the crafty christmas..but my son’s birthday is today…so there are a few more boy stuff than normal (with more to come to..i’m trying to alternate it with my other posts so […]

felt mat GIRL STYLE.

Remember that  boy felt car mat I made  for my cute little nephew (click HERE to take you to the boy mat tutorial.) …and when I gave it to him at his party…my neice loved it! and played with it and played with it. So I knew that a girl one was needed…and since her […]