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goldfish carrots–food friday

i don’t know how my kids have teeth. with how much crap they consume i’m SHOCKED that they haven’t completely rotted away. that being said…i’ve already purchased HOards of candy for their easter baskets. i’m an enabler. and i love chocolate. but in case you are looking for an alternative for easter candy…these cute goldfish […]

paint chip garland

This week, I found myself in charge of activity days for my church (it’s where girls ages 8-12 get together to do stuff) and I was supposed to do an easter craft. hmm. I love crafts. not the greatest with seasonal ones. but when I saw this paint chip garland on modern parents messy kids […]

it’s warm……spring blocks!

for the moment. (don’t hold your breath) It snowed on easter. snowed. But this week has been beautiful…shhhh be quiet. don’t scare it away. I finally felt like it was spring. I needed to represent. I need to shout out to Mother nature that spring is here and snow should not be around NO MORE!!! […]