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mutual….beauty night!

a couple  weeks ago months. months ago…. (it was weeks when i wrote this..but then i let it sit in my draft box forever seeing how we have moved and i’m no longer in the young woman program in my church (i miss my girls!!!)   so MONTHS ago…. we had a really fun mutual night! […]

household trivia and young woman’s printables

remember HERE when i talked about a mutual idea and some young woman’s personal progress printables? don’t have a clue what personal progress is? go HERE ANYWHOs…it’s time for more…. first…a fun mutual idea we did was common household trivia. (you know…those things you have to learn the “hard way” after you leave the nest) […]

young woman printables

so..in my church (go here to read more about it) we have a young woman’s program (ages 12-18) We have mutual every tuesday night and we work on our personal progress (goals and activities to keep us on the right path) and they put me in charge of them (don’t know what they were thinking–probably […]

fhe blocks

 monday night has been said aside as family night (family home evening aka FHE) we don’t plan anything (i mean like softball games or plans with friends) it’s a night that we hang out as a family. we start with a prayer.. sing a song read some scripture teach a lesson (like david and goliath) […]

ctr towel

In our church, kids get baptized at age 8–This towel is a fun gift to give! (and CTR stands for CHOOSE THE RIGHT) My niece got baptized! I’m super into handmade gifts these days…you don’t have to worry about her getting it from someone else (my nephew got like 4 tie tacks at his baptism) […]

Prayer Pillowcases

We had been struggling with what to give our primary children this year for their birthdays.  The first year we gave them their own book of mormon and we decorated scripture bags. Last year for birthdays we gave journals.  I happened to be scrolling through sugardoodle and came across this poem about not forgetting your PJS (Prayer, […]