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football practice

my sister in law (and brother) made this for my son and my nephew for christmas and it’s so much fun! i just had to share…(but it’s been cold so i was too chicken to go out and take pictures until now) the basic rundown: took a tarp..cut out shapes.. zip tied it around a […]


he got all crafty the other day and decided to make a sling shot with my son. fun. i told him i would totally blog about it… and then when he got it all finished… and shot it. i thought, “holy, this thing is deadly” like not just put an eye out…like take you out […]

car mats shout outs

  Forever and a day ago I whipped up this Felt car mat out of hot glue and felt! Since then…I have noticed SO many amazing car activity mats and I just had to put them all in a roundup to share! ENJOY!   cardboard road these are all Serving Pink Lemonade: This is one giant mat…but […]

who names a kid Indiana?

We recently had an Indiana Jones movie marathon (called Indie 500—-500 minutes of Indiana Jones) My son is such a fan. and you’ll never guess what he wanted for his birthday? a whip. Yeah right. why not just buy him a loaded gun. He actually started using a rubber snake as his “whip” and I’ll […]

holy felt mat batman….

So, I have been posting a lot of boy presents lately (I’m so proud by the way…boys are hard for me) I have been doing the crafty christmas..but my son’s birthday is today…so there are a few more boy stuff than normal (with more to come to..i’m trying to alternate it with my other posts so […]

Thrift store take 3–boy dress up clothes suitcase

I have three kids.  I have a LOT of play clothes…goes hand in hand right? This is the play clothes before: This is my thrift store steal for $3.00 I love this color..(I once bought a vacuum for the only reason it was blue) ohhh. not so pretty. I ripped that all out. and took some new […]