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Easy Headbands out of tights!

I have been making these DIY headbands since my daughter was a baby (so a good 8 years!) They are so easy and cute and made out of TIGHTS! and you can totally adjust how thick you want the headbands (I have photos of each size down below!)   How to make Diy Headbands out […]

funny baby shower gift–Daddy doody duty kit!

This post may contain affiliate links. I’ve got a funny put actually super practical baby shower gift for you today! A daddy doody duty kit! Here are some of the funny things you need: (you could also throw in hand sanitizer, a dust mask, and this gown would be great too! You could actually put it […]

Stork Baby present!

I’ve got another fun and easy baby present idea for you! Stork diaper gift! It’s like a diaper cake…with 1/8 of the work but 100% of the cuteness! You just need a blanket (a nice swaddle one would be perfect) and a package of diapers in you size of choice! I wrapped the diapers with […]

Baby shower gift idea

The other day while perusing through pinterest…I ran into this cute idea from positively splendid (see it here)  and since I had a baby shower to go to (is it weird that I hope I get invited to baby showers so I have an excuse to make baby things again?) I whipped this up!  the […]

Book themed Baby shower !!!

My baby sister is having a baby! There are 5 of us (1 brother and 4 sisters) and we have all been done having kids for 7 years (seriously….we all had babies the same year)  So now that we are all out of baby stage..it’s perfect timing to bring new babies into the scene….   […]

canvas photo wraps..and a cute baby present

omg guys. i get to show you guys a real freakin cool new product today: Canvas photo wraps.I LOVE the look of canvas…and this lets you create 3–and it’s ridiculously easy! here’s what comes in the box… okay. it might look complicated..but it’s SOOO NOT!