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hopscotch mat…hot glue!!!

This originally posted at the IDEA ROOM. I was so excited when amy asked me to guest post because the idea room was one of the first blogs that i followed. anyways…..I wanted something big….and hot glue and came up with this: (oh..and there are about 100 pictures. i kept emailing amy making sure that […]

Little girl’s colorful striped wall

A few months ago–I headed to Colorado to hang out with my sister and niece in their new house. And while we were there…we did a little decorating. (cause new house -blank walls equals my dream) My favorite thing to decorate is little girl’s rooms! They are always so cute and fun! My niece had […]

Over 40 Painters Tape Games and Activities

oh! Guys! This is the funnest roundup ever! Grab some painter’s tape and whip up some amazing activities, crafts and games with these fun hacks!   Canvas Finger Painting Jumping Course  Jump! Marbles Painting Craft  Car Obstacle Course  Target Toss Painters Tape City  Spider Web Walking  Jump Boxes  Police Station  Roadway Indoor Bean Bag Toss  Floor […]

Babysitting kit

When I started my blog I was writing posts about onesie extenders  and behavior charts and baby bibs–and now my baby is babysitting! My how times have changed! I have always tried to blog about things that are relevant to me. Stuff I actually use and need and want! And 2 years ago I would have never guessed […]

Ultimate Blanket/Quilt roundup (over 200!) and Luke’s Loves!

You guys! Last year we did a whole big series on the blog– Luke’s Loves blanket drive for Project Linus. Luke’s Loves started as a way to remember their sweet baby boy when he passed away— And Last year they collected almost 300 blankets….273 to be EXACT. And I apparently am a crazy competitive person….because I want […]

15 awesome games and activities to do with sidewalk chalk!

So listen guys…We have probably every color of sidewalk chalk–and when my kids say they are bored I say, “go do sidewalk chalk” and they usually doodle some pictures and are done. (we are talking 10 minutes top!) So I wanted to give them awesome ideas of cool games and activities they can do! (you […]

Summer Time Water Fun

School is out….the summer is warming up and we are going to beat the heat with WATER games this summer! I’ve rounded up over 40 of the funnest things to do with water! Games, crafts, activities! So many fun things! Make sure to check out the pool noodle hacks….! Which one is your favorite? (this […]

Unique and Fun Blankets

These blankets are AMAZING! Super fun and totally not your normal blanket!  Giant Pom Pom Blanket Free Mermaid Tail Crochet Pattern Cat Cuddle Blanket Family Tree Quilt Dress Me Up Blanket Stuffed Lovey Tutorial The “Planket” or “Quillow” Crazy Mermaid Blanket Scrabble Quilt A two in one blanket for twins! Bubble Quilt I Spy Quilt […]

free printable–cause holidays are crazy.

! I love love love this time of year! I adore the holidays. But let’s face it… A week before Christmas and I have bald spots and my house looks DESTROYED (I always seem to think I can diy it all. Maybe one year I’ll learn!) Anyways—the moral is this: the holidays are crazy. And […]

the underground of blogging….

Me and husband get in constant “debates” (air quotes around debates…cause they are more like fighting matches….cause we like to fight….) about my blogging “job” (air quotes around job cause the argument is that when you get to do a job in your pajamas with yesterdays mascara under your eyes it’s not a job…..more like […]

Best tutorials of all time!

so…i’ve done these countdowns every year–it’s super fun to see how they compare from year to year! (you can go HERE to see all previous years)I’ve tried to keep the most popular posts on my sidebar…easy access.  but here you go…the best of the best (and i only rate this on how many times crap […]

Sunday Shoutout–crafts to make for you kids for christmas

  fabric dolls so sweet! my kids would love a personalized doll! no sew teepee     this chick is awesome! glue up a tee pee!  seat belt pillow     so needed! i kinda want one for me! ninjago pillowcase my son would literally flip out for this! hot glue only hop scotch mat […]

crafts to make for you kids for christmas!

I always try to make sure i have one homemade gift each year…(failed this year…with the move, and my son’s baptism, and we had thanksgiving at my house and excuse excuse excuse.) and I was putting my sunday post with lots of diy goodness for kids….and i thought…geez..i gotta a bunch to share for this […]

quiet book pages

i had a garage sale–which causing me to clean and sift through all my crap. and have i mentioned i’m a hoarder? well i am.   anyways…i came across these quiet book pages i made for my kids…before i blogged…so i snapped a few pictures to share i buy the sheets of felt (cause they […]