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Valentines games and crafts for Classroom parties

Valentines always sneaks up on me…So much recovery from Christmas! So here’s to planning that awesome Valentine’s Classroom party-these fun games and crafts are pretty easy. So even if you are reading this in Jan or scrambling on Feb 13–it should help you come up with the perfect activity for kids! enjoy! Carnival ring toss […]

snowball bucket games!

Today we are creating double duty by making an adorable snowball bucket! You just need a bucket and FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam: Balls (These foam balls come in lots of sizes so you can grab whatever ones you want!) I added some vinyl to the bucket and just put the FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam: Balls […]

Giant Board games

  Part 2 of my daughter’s party with Oriental Trading is….GAMES! What’s more fun than games…? GIANT GAMES! I have a couple super fun ones for you! They are perfect for a backyard party! We hung them on the fences and side of the house…but we could totally find a blank wall in the house […]

Over 40 Painters Tape Games and Activities

oh! Guys! This is the funnest roundup ever! Grab some painter’s tape and whip up some amazing activities, crafts and games with these fun hacks!   Canvas Finger Painting Jumping Course  Jump! Marbles Painting Craft  Car Obstacle Course  Target Toss Painters Tape City  Spider Web Walking  Jump Boxes  Police Station  Roadway Indoor Bean Bag Toss  Floor […]

15 awesome games and activities to do with sidewalk chalk!

So listen guys…We have probably every color of sidewalk chalk–and when my kids say they are bored I say, “go do sidewalk chalk” and they usually doodle some pictures and are done. (we are talking 10 minutes top!) So I wanted to give them awesome ideas of cool games and activities they can do! (you […]

5 fun games to play with Paper plates

I’ve come up with 5 fun games to play with paper plates because My kids. and summer. home. all day. They need some entertaining about 3 days in… (for their sanity and mine!) But I don’t like things that will break the bank–So  5 fun games that the kids will love- and the best part […]

crafts and games to play with toy cars

This post may contain affiliate links! I have rounded up OVER 50 awesome crafts, diys and games to do play and make with toy cars! There is so much car goodness all in one post! enjoy! 1. Truck bookends 2. cardboard play area 3. Wall art 4. Lego race track 5. Hot wheels car paint idea 6. Pool noodle track 7. travel car […]

Camping games!

I have 20 nieces and nephews. With another on the way. so Camping games are a MUST!!!! Here are some super fun games we have played–that are really easy and don’t require too much work! Twister: You can spray paint directly on the ground or on a tablecloth My mom made the spinner…using a magnetic […]

Best Board games for the WHOLE family!

We are HUGE game playing family! and I’m so excited that my kids are finally out of the candy land game stage! Now we can all play games we all enjoy!!! I’ve got a great roundup of alll the ones we love (my kids are 6 1/2, 9 and 11!) Our awesome library actually rents […]

Outdoor games to play in SUMMER – keep those kids active!

3 weeks into summer I feel like all my kids want to do is escape the heat and play on their {insert electronic device}. So here is a whole fun list of fun games that will get your kids up and moving!!!! Outdoor games to play in SUMMER frozen t-shirt race this was such a fun […]

spring break–fun games for kids *supplies found around the house!

Spring break makes me so excited (i love to sleep in!) but then i do this dread thing like how do i keep my kids entertained when the weather is iffy at best! So i came up with some fun easy games that can be played indoor (or outdoor–weather permitting) and all are made up […]

games for christmas classroom parties!

one of these days i will prepare for classroom parties more than 48 hours before hand. i don’t foresee that day nearby though. so hopefully you guys are just getting around to planning your classroom parties…cause i got a whole slew of fun ideas!!!! ***************************** Pin the Nose on rudolph made this for my sister […]

kid games (kid craft monday)

The start of summer means we all high tail it to my mom’s house to play with my sisters…. and we have 15 kids ages 14 to 5  (and one exchange student) so sometimes we need some things i would like to call….”sanity savers” (my sister pulled these all by herself…..but i’ll take credit.)   […]

road trip games!!!!

(this would have been awesome to post BEFORE spring break…but that requires thought and preparation..and i possess neither.) me and the husband aren’t great road trippers… well. let me rephrase. husband isn’t… he literally (said like rob lowe in parks and rec) falls asleep like this (just snapped my fingers) i mean he fell asleep […]