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Life Skills Checklist Printable

A fun life skills checklist printable to ensure you are teaching your kids all the know hows they need to learn before they leave the nest! 

When it came down that our school would be closing-  I knew I wanted to put together a list of skills I wanted my kids to learn! My daughter leaves for college in a year and a half and I’m doing that checklist of “what do I need to teach her before she moves out!” So I created a life skills checklist that we are working on slowly!

Keep in mind that this list is for my family (I did include it in the printable link in case you need some ideas) but my kids are 12, 14, and 16. So they are geared for older kids! If you have little kids, you could teach them to load the dishwasher, baking basics like TBS and TSP, How to clip your own fingernails, Tie a shoe, General Hygiene, What to do in an emergency, what to do if the toilet overflows, etc!

This is from when we all learned how to tie a tie.

We all had a lesson and then had a race to see who could tie their tie the fastest! The girls learned how to french braid each other’s hair and I taught the kids how to address an envelope and where to put the stamp!


Here is the printable. There is my version and a blank one so you can fill in your own!



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