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Truth or Dare Ideas with free printable

Fun Truth or Dare Ideas with free printable to keep the kids entertained! These will provoke lots of giggles!

When we all go over to grandma’s, the cousins all get together and come up with some really…interesting ideas. Lol! This one was such a hit that I had to share! They ask to play almost every time we go over there! We made a spinner out of my mom’s lazy susan (see it in the middle) You could also spin and bottle. Spin and whoever it lands on has to draw a dare. (we omitted the truths this time!)

Here is the list of dares we came up with. Keep in mind that the adults were present to monitor and help out so the kids didn’t run wild with a few of these.

This challenge  is peel a banana with your feet:


This one is two different challenges. Turn your stomach into a face and go around and tell everyone to have a nice day. And another dare was to post an embarrassing selfie on Instagram!

We had a lot of fun and I have lots of great blackmail photos of my nieces and nephews!


You can grab the printable here:


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