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Teen advent gift idea list

Last year I got this BRILLIANT (eye roll) idea to do an advent for my teen daughter. I couldn’t find one I loved (the other two got awesome lego advent calendars!)  There were makeup ones–and bath bombs ones and lots of other themed ones…but I wanted one that wasn’t so specific.  So I created my own! And I thought I would share in case anyone needed to help with one too!

So 24 things can add up pretty fast!  I tried to be somewhat frugal so I didn’t break the bank.

What do put in a teen advent calendar:

  • bath bomb
  • face mask
  • lipgloss or lipstick
  • eyelash curler
  • nose strip
  • iTunes song
  • earrings (or any jewelry)
  • a note from mom
  • a note from dad
  • fuzzy socks
  • scrunchies
  • fun pen or scented gel pens
  • favorite gum
  • favorite candy
  • hand sanitizer
  • sunglasses
  • new phone case
  • breath mints
  • keychain
  • gratitude journal
  • nail polish


Here is how I cut down on costs: I bought things on sale–and split it all up! I got a whole set of earrings and each set was a day (I just punched tags out and popped the earrings into them! I did this was the scrunchies too-a set of 3 that I split up into 3 days.  Walmart has some really cheap sets!

I also made these printables and cut them up and she got a couple of fun songs of her choosing.

Here are the printables for the itunes.


I paired them with my fun advent printables! 

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