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Teacher Clipboards gift idea

I have been trying to clean out my computer—and stumbled upon these cute teacher clipboards that I made 4 years ago!! WHAT!? But they were too cute to just delete so I had to edit them up for you guys! The make the cutest gift idea for the teachers (and of course you can use this same designs to make shirts and or bags for those teachers instead! 


Since the photos are so old…I didn’t have the how to anymore! I found all these clipboards at the thrift store! There are always alot and for cheap and since I knew I wanted to paint them, it didn’t matter if there was writing on it! THen I just cut out vinyl and applied.–I made these using Expressions vinyl because it’s the best and my Silhouette cameo (you can go HERE to read more about it!) 


Definitely wait to apply the vinyl until the paint is COMPLETELY DRY! 

The trick with these teacher clipboards is knowing what to weed out. You can see on mistakes and trying on the clipboard below…I half weeded. Leaving the top of the M and the tail of the y and g. So you might need to come back and use these pictures as a guide! 


I actually used these clipboards as a mini homework command station. But if you wanted to give them to teachers–It would look so cute with the teacher’s name in vinyl on the backside! 

Here is the free cut file! It’s actually only availabe for the silhouette software because I designed it so long ago and can’t make it into an svg! Sorry!

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