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Raglan shirt diy

This post is a public service announcement! I seriously just love this pattern and wanted to tell you about it! NOT sponsored!!! (Also, I found this post in draft from literally a year ago!!)

I have never used a pattern (okay…I did in college. I know HOW to use a pattern. but mostly I just kind of eyeball and drape and figure crap stuff out by myself. (like Project Runway but lacking the real talent)  But Raglan sleeves are a little tricky to master–and I kept see #laneraglan on instagram popping up…and I finally bought my first pattern in YEARS.  the Lane Raglan. And now I can whip up a raglan shirt!


I LOVE THIS PATTERN! LOVE. Marry on a beach in Hawaii as the sun is setting. LOVE.


It comes with lots of fun options…but I did just the basics-long sleeve and pocket.


And I loved it. It was awesome. I used sweatshirt material (because it was winter) It sewed up so easy!


Then I did what I always do…got OBSESSED. I bought a ridiculous amount of jersey knit in all colors and patterns.

I had to make myself a short sleeve version…I left off the cuff at the bottom and just extended the bodice. I LOVE that there is no measuring or thought-Just lay out the pattern and cut! (left off the pocket)


fun lane raglan shirt lane raglan shirt

Then I extended it to make a dress for my daughter! (We made it out of a cheap knit from walmart that daughter picked out –and when we washed it, it wrinkled around the bottom. So don’t judge the pattern by my sewing novice!

easy-dress-pattern raglan-sleeve sleeves-on-girls-dress

You can also make it hooded and THUMBHOLES (my daughter personally requested this next for her!)



and there is even a kids version! camdenraglanfi-600x600

I made this for my daughter…and she LOVES it~ (I added the gathered but it’s the basic underneath)  how-to-sew-a-gathered-shirt-front


Okay! That is all! If you are on the lookout for a fun and easy pattern–go check it out!


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