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Organize your office supplies with washi tape

I’m just going to give you another amazing reason to LOVE WASHI TAPE! Washi tape office supplies! Check out all these amazing ways to organize your office and supplies with these amazing DIYS!   You can buy it in single rolls….or big old sets! Hobby Lobby has a whole bunch of really cute sets
 and of course..I have a whole PINTEREST board devoted to WAshi tape goodness 




Calendar organizer



wrapped pencil

and a colorful version


personalized charger



Awesome filing system


Paperclip flags


Organize your life with a little color coding 

Add a pop with Washi! 





Washi Tape Covered notebooks




KEyboard decorations



and another..just cause it’s so darn pretty!

Cute clipboard 


Tack pins

organization fridge 

Stapler and tape

GO here to see the best way to organize your washi tape 

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