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gift tags Fiskars punches!

I got a fun package in the mail a little while back full of fun fiskar punches! I love fiskars! I love punches! And they have soooo many cute ones! I’m pretty sure I could just buy all of them!

BUT–I did want to show you my absolute FAVORITES–ones you will use over and over again!

First up! TAGS! Whether you are putting tags on a birthday present, plate of cookies, or a balloon…It’s a cute little way to add a message! Fiskar’s has lots of different tags—but the one I have as a built in eyelet setter IN THE PUNCH. (this one is similar!)

Yeah. That’s pretty freaking cool.

Watch the video to see how it works….

but it looks so cute on bags

Pop these tags on everything!


My next favorite punch is the XOXO.

My grandma actually signs all her letters with xoxoxoxox…so it has always had a special place in my heart!

I even used the xoxo with heat transfer vinyl 


Another favorite is the bow punch!  It creates the teeny tiniest little bows! 

It punches out three pieces that are perfect to assemble into a bow. (you can see the punch in the video!)

I put them on these bags with bath bombs.

and of course they are adorable on these tags!

and look at how cute this is!

A heart punch.


Whether it’s Valentines day or not….I probably use this one the MOST! (the squeeze handle is my favorite!)  I made a whole onesie using scrap vinyl and the heart punch!

you can get creative and use it outside its norm!


and of course there are lots of different hearts to choose from!

Succulent punches!

I have two different ones

I used them HERE

But they can easily look like flowers! Also fun to throw on presents or gift bags!

One that I didn’t expect to love as much as I do is this kisses punch!

I make a whole bag in one sitting and then throw them in presents or even play a fun game with them! 

Here it is in action!


I also have the mason jar and arrow…both so cute! 


My next splurge is going to be an extra large circle!

I also love the rounded corner punch. I used it all the time when I was scrapbooking!

I make lots of printables and it would be so easy to just punch out a clean perfect circle (source) 


and if you want to be really creative…a whole accent wall with a circle punch! 

Here are some other fun punches I have my eye on!


I also have some of their fun decorative scissors! Love them! I have a couple different colors so I know what ones go with what!


Are you a fiskar’s punch fan?

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