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Mod podged Bat decor

On one of my MANY trips to Hobby lobby…I ran across some wood bats. I grabbed two…and made them all cute. Then I decided I needed a whole wall of these (but of course the rest of the wood bats were already sold out! But let me know you how I mod podged them into cuteness! 

I love scrapbook paper. Do I scrapbook anymore? no. But I still buy it! I grabbed this fun pack from Jen Hadfield….and it had some adorable black patterned paper!

I flipped over the bat and traced around it. 

Cutting it into pieces to fit each slat.

I spray painted the edges of the bat black. After it dried I apply mod podge and lay over piece of paper that matches. 

I covered the whole bat with mod podge to seal it in and then used sand paper to distress it after it dried.

My friend actually had all the adorable bats on her wall…so I just went and snuck mine in to snap some photos! Thanks Tanya!

I also picked up this Happy Halloween sign. It was just wood…I painted it and thought it needed a pop to stand out…so I added some polka dot paper behind and hung it on my door! 


I also picked up a big wood pumpkin…but I’m still working on that! Stay tuned!

What are you crafting??


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