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the best Halloween Costumes for Dogs

You may or may not have known that our dog died this year! (it’s okay! She was very old!) We loved loved loved her. And I was going through pinterest…I saw some cute dog costumes…and now my biggest regret is not dressing her up for Halloween!!! And after you see these hilarious costumes… you will want to grab your dog…OR go buy a dog–just to dress them up! Check them out for yourself!


cute dog Halloween chia pet costume

 star wars dog costume

headless dog costume

painted skeleton dog costume

 batman and robin costumes

pirate dog

scooby doo halloween dog costume

cutest Halloween dog costume idea

adorable martini glass costume

cute dog costume chewbaca 

ty beani baby dog costumes 

 skunk halloween dog costume

adorable loofa dog costume

 scuba diver dog costume

 oompa loompa dog costume

awesome spaghetti dog costumes 

old lady dog costumes

dog costumes 

Lion head costume

Hot dog costumes

hulk costume

pinata dog halloween costumes

cowboy rider

Harry potter diy dog costume

Unicorn dog costumes

target dog costumes

oscar the grouch 

Chic Fil a costume

Taco Bell dog

Marilyn Monroe dog costume


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