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How to make a bean bag chair

My kids have a little nook where they play games and watch tv. I have stuck a little futon in there…but there is no other room for any other kind of furniture! So I decided to whip them up some bean bags! (diy of course!) 

I made these bean bags using fleece! The price was right-the patterns matched my kid’s room- and extra bonus…soft! I didn’t stuff them all the way full because I wanted the kids to be able to sink into it! I used THIS bean bag stuffing. But after using them for a year…we have noticed that they are getting really flat! One I put in some scrap fabric….but it got heavy so I don’t recommend doing that!  So I would definitely shop around and see what you can find!

Two different techniques…because I wasn’t sure what one I liked better.


Okay. The first one is what I like to call the drum. It has a top.bottom and sides.

Living with punks has a great tutorial here!  

Using the fleece made our bean bag not hold it’s form (which is totally okay for me) But if you want more form you might want to use stiffer home decor fabric and stuff it ALL the way full. 

The second version is what I call the beach ball! You cut 6 surf board shapes and sew them together.


Looks like a beach ball…if this was stuffed all the way full..it would be round like a ball!

You can go HERE to see this cute version! 

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