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The great soda pop challenge!

This is a game we played last summer…the great soda pop challenge.  And it turned out so fun! We have people in our family who are devoted pop drinkers….and then we have people who have soda pops once in a random while. And guess what…Only one person got it right..and it was a kid!
You can do this with all kinds of different pop! Just try to keep the colors similar (unless it’s a blind taste test!) Diet/ regular/generic brand!

Then we wrote a number on the bottom of each pop. Bought some tiny cups and numbered them. Then made sure to pour 1 in the 1 cup 2 in the 2 cup etc. We scrambled up the pop on the table so the kids could see the choices.

Then taste test! When we started people would say…”Oh this is so easy” but it was a little harder than they thought! Write down choices on a paper (I’ve got a printable down below for you)

What do you think? Can you taste the difference?

(you can tell in the picture we didn’t use very much pop and we had about a dozen people participating! (lots of paper cups!)


You can grab the printables HERE

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