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Create your own pineapple decor

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I was redoing a section my craft room wall and really wanted a fun pineapple to sit on a shelf. And what’s a crafter to do…but DIY ONE! (head over and see if you can spot it!)

Here is what you need!

You will want to make sure your egg and air plant pick are sized right and will look good together.

I took my cutter and sliced off the top (and rounded the edges a little bit) and then took off a little bit on the bottom so the pineapple will be able to stand without tipping over.

Then I just covered the whole egg with the smooth finish. This seals in the porous surface to make it paintable. After it dries I sanded off any rough edges.


I just pressed in some lines to give it the pineapple look. Since it’s smaller at the top than the bottom…the lines won’t be perfect but just try your best!


I took the brown paint and painted in all the grooves to give the pineapple some dimension.

Then covered it with yellow paint. 

After it was dry I just pushed the air plant into the top! 

I love how it turned out! Such a fun little pop of color in my craft room!



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