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A journal to my kids!

Someone shared this idea on Instagram a few months back…and man..it spoke to me! A journal to my kids! I only wish I saw this when my kids were babies!


You buy an individual journal for each of your kids. Then you get to fill it will all your thoughts and stories about the kid. I mean…can you imagine graduating and reading a journal of funny stories about yourself as a kid. Or the funny things that come out of your mouth. Or what about the things your mom has to say about you–the things she notices–your traits and personality! It’s been so much fun filling this journal out! I leave it by my bed stand and as I write random things that come up here and there (before I forget) and then I set aside some time each Sunday to jot down more stuff!


and of course you can make it like a smash book and add photos or have your kids draw pictures and write their names. It’s little fun stuff that you think you will remember….but I already feel like I’ve forgotten so much about when my kids were little! I seriously tear up when I see videos of them and hear their tiny voices! Where has the time gone?  Anyways! I just wanted to pass it along! I loved the idea so much! 

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