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The button game

My kids loving going to my mom’s house. She is “known” for a few things. Skittle guess. Sugar pancakes with Divine syrup. and the button game!  the-button-game

I don’t know if she invented it or what…but I remember playing this as a kid!

And most of the items you might have around the house!

You need

  • dice
  • a big pot lid
  • string
  • and big buttons. You can grab some big buttons HERE. (affiliate link)


Tie some strings to the buttons. (probably about 2 feet long)


The game is easy– Each person picks a button and put it in the middle.  One person at at time controls the lid and dice. You roll the dice and when you get doubles you try to put the lid down over the buttons as fast as you can while the people try to pull their buttons out as fast as they can. If the lid catches all the buttons the lid wins. If the buttons get out the lid keeps going until it catches everyone.  totally-fun-kids-game-with-buttons-copy

If someone holding the button string flinches and pulls when it’s not a double…they are out!

And the reason to make the strings long is to make sure that no fingers get smooshed under the lid!  how-to-play-a-fun-game

My kids LOVE to play it…and you can fit a lot of kids in there to play (as long as you have enough buttons!) Good little game to play in a pinch!

If you want to see the game in action we made a little youtube video with us playing…


If you are looking for more fun games check out this post! 


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