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How to do stripes on your Minc Machine

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It’s been AGES since I’ve played around on my minc machine!  It’s one of my favorite tool! You run a black and white print with fun foil into it and it adheres the foil to the ink and creates really fun shiny designs!!! (I have the whole HOW TO HERE!) you do need to print from a laser toner printer for the foil to adhere! Anyways..I wanted to add a couple fun colors to one print!



The foil comes in so many colors that it’s a shame not use them ALLL!!!



It’s also fun to use if you have lots of scraps! Cut each strip to size.


It’s a little tricky because the whole thing has to be stuck in between a plactic sleeve and there is a lot of static cling with the foil. My suggestion is start at the top and slowly close the sleeve as you go. (I left a cup on the side to keep it from closing all the way.)


You don’t want any ink exposed or it will come off on the plastic sleeve!


My Minc is on a 3 and it takes a minute to preheat!


Then you just peel up the layers!


It’s so fun!!! I seriously just want to minc my whole house!


Here is another I did with big stripes!

fun-minc-design how-to-do-stripes-on-your-minc-machine striped-minc

Heidi Swapp also has paper packs and embellishments that you can use with your minc.


I’ve got this cool spray that is in my amazon cart! I think you can spray it on paper and add foil for a totally fun look!! I’ll let you know how it works!

If you are looking for more fun minc projects head HERE!

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