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let’s get organized–makeup

This post may contain affiliate links let's get organized!

time to get physical –and break a sweat by cleaning and organizing!!!

This week is all about the makeup!
let's get organized makeup edition

I’m going to disclaimer this right now…I don’t own a whole bunch. I’m not one that has 10 different shades of blush and lipstick. I find one I like and I wear it until they discontinue it.

but still…my Makeup is a mess. I have some from college. that I don’t wear…but I keep it in case I ever want to wear blue eyeshadow again.


okay. first thing first will all good organizing…time to toss what you don’t need/use/want. I get close to being done with my mascara…so I buy new mascara…and my almost empty tube gets forgotten about…end result: 6 tubes of mascara! 25-ingenious-ways-to-store-your-makeup

I keep all my old containers and upcycle them–they make great play makeup for the girls. When they were really little I dug out the remaining shadow and poured nailpolish in it to dry. Looks just like makeup, without any mess!!!

DSC01731 (1)


If you have broken makeup…don’t worry…it’s fixable!



and apparently makeup has expiration dates….(who knew?)



now I also a great time to clean out your brushes..which I never do. This one is using ingredients you have around the house!!!



alright…let’s get organizing them! I actually put mine in a basket. Real official right? My husband works nights 50% of the time so when I have to get ready and he’s sleeping…I like to take it into the other bathroom. So I need something that transports easy.

This makeup hanger is cute and easy:


How about using a hanging jewelry organizer


amazon has great clear organizers…love the look of this one.


or this one 61DQ3BiiDkL._SL1000_

Ikea shelves to hold your bottles! 15697942_1253265774711464_8555270748120151370_n

How about a magnetic version 14-03-2011 018

another magnetic option f6d67188b0497305a54cb8894547f5a2

Ice cube trays! makeup-storage-ideas-2-1

We have two of these organizers. One has beads. and one is in the garage with nails and washers and anchors. But I didn’t think to put MAKEUP in it! 


Pretty bottle upcycle pluii-pap-denise-meneghello-lancamento-8

how about a utensil holder?



Using some fun cookie jars 3320991_orig

looks like the original source of this blog is shut down! but you can buy an ikea set up like this HERE


This is perfect if you have no counter space (ie…your house builder was a man!)


Love this inside the cabinet organizers organize-your-medicine-cabinet

did you know that tool sets come in pink! and different sizes! love it! I actually have my art supplies in an old tool box!!! (or a tackle box would work!)

46a4d15a5e79c4a78ec33727589256e8 source



pinkbox_bench_top_tool_box source

Cute hanging shelf

il_570xN.705673112_ma90 source

this portable system is AWESOME!


What about a mail organizer? clever clever clever (I found one HERE)


A Utensil holder

548f615a56392_-_cos-21-storagehacks-de Save some old boxes to use as organizers 4

Make some dividers for the drawer!  Lipstick-Holder_02

get a pretty jar and fill it up to store your brushes

Sew up a portable brush holder fabric-makeup-brush-holder-cg

Add some fun vinyl to keep yourself organized dressingroomorganizedvanity7

and check out this clear top vanity! dsc_0452

and of course you can always fall back on the old caboodle!


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