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Inspirational quotes for 2017! and my new years resolution!

When I try to think of a new years resolution… I always turn to my handy quotes and find one that stands out to me….and usually a word pops out of it–AND I finally stumbled upon this one…


I love it. I’m very busy in my day to day. Just going through the motions and getting crap done…but I always go to bed thinking that I just kind of autopiloted my day. same old same old.  I want to STOP that. I want to do things with more intent. More intentional with my time. More intentional with my kids. More intentional with my husband and even  put more intent on “me things” (like maybe actually using the gym membership this year!) INTENTIONAL!  intent


and since I love quotes..I thought I would share some of my favorites to get you inspired for the new year!

img_0055 make-crap-happen img_0037 img_0039 img_0041 img_0042 img_0043 quote img_0048 img_0049 img_0025 img_0026 img_0028 img_0030

img_0029 img_0031


img_0032 love-this-quote






Check out this post for more of my favorite quotes!

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