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Lacy sleeves diy

Guys…I found this BURIED in my drafts. seriously from 2012.


So here is a blast from the past!

I was on pinterest and saw this sweatshirt:

and loved it…something about the gray sweatshirt…and the fancy lace.

and I knew it would be an easy refashion lacy sleeve 5

I hit up the thrift store and bought a gray sweatshirt..

and found some lace at Walmart for 3.50 for 3 yards…..which was a good deal seeing how the other lace was about $2 a yard…..

Needs to be double sided…I mean..each side has the detail….not one straight edge on one side and the other is fancy like.
I laid my sweatshirt out like this…

and snipped off the top of the sleeve

leaving the collar and wrist alone….

then you just pin the lace to both sides

Then you sew it on (gets a little tricky when you get to the end..but go slow! it can be done! love this lace sleeve diy

love it.

Here is the pictures from 2012.
and the picture from 2016
fun sweatshirt hack

lace shirt

 old pictures:

new picture: lacy sleeves 2 lacy sleeves

let’s compare

my total cost was $5…with lace leftover for another project. I don’t know how much this knock off shirt was (I can’t find it for sale on the site anymore…but the cheapest shirt they run is $50…so i think we shall call this a win!!!!
I forgot to say..if you wanted to put the lace behind ….it stilll looks cool


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