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Monster target practice


This whole post just makes me laugh–because I usually have a whole list of fun Halloween projects I want to get done for the blog…and this one just sort of happened! My husband recently bought a nerf gun (this one) (because he is an overgrown child–It’s actually my fault because I made him go grocery shopping with me and the nerf guns were just sitting right there on the end caps!


Fast forward to me getting shot in the butt about 1000 times.


Fast forward even further to him telling me what an amazing aim he has and to hold out my hand. I was currently sitting on the floor making THIS wreath and was BEYOND annoyed.   So I grabbed a zombie head that was laying next to me and put it on the chair to give him something to shoot at besides me.


Fast forward to me running down to my hoard room and grabbing all my fun Halloween heads from Make it fun® (you can see how I painted them up HERE) and spreading them out on the edge of the table and our whole family taking turns to see how many heads we could knock down.


monster-target-practice-from-a-girl-and-a-glue-gun We had one point for each time you hit a head and then 10 points if you knocked it over! It would be super fun for a Halloween carnival!

I’m sure you could do this with different props…but these heads are just so creepily fun!


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