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Ice cream Rice Krispy treat sandwiches

So this could be considered a summer treat—-but since summer is coming to a fast close…I’m going to call these back to school treats. (unless you are reading this next summer…then summer treats are fine!) These guys combine two of my favorite treats and are really easy!  Rice Krispie Ice cream Sandwiches-- yummy easy treat There were a couple things that were hard…..like trying to keep my kids out of the rice krispie treats before I added the ice cream…and taking photos of ice cream outside in 95 degree weather was a feat all it’s own!


You just need to make rice krispie treats like normal–I pressed them into a cookie sheet and made them pretty thin so we could actually get our mouth around the sandwiches.

rice krispie treats


After the rice krispies have set up, time to add ice cream. The trick to make these suckers really easy is buying the ice cream that comes in a square carton! Then it’s just a matter of slicing off pieces and then I put a rice Krispie treat on top and cut the ice cream to size.
square ice cream STEP 3

Dip in sprinkles. The Sprinkles only stay on the ice cream!  dip in sprinkles


It’s best to eat it when the ice cream is hard. So I suggest making them and popping them back into the freezer to harden them up! (if the ice cream is too soft the rice krispie treats will just squeeze out the ice cream when biting down! (still delicious…just a bit more messier!)

ice cream treats to save the summer!

and of course you can omit the sprinkles….but where is the fun in that?? such an easy yummy treat for kids

These would be great fun to surprise your kids with after school! (My kids are headed back to school in 2 days! Can’t wait!)

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