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crayon holder

This posted a couple weeks ago on the Idea room!

I have been on a coloring book craze recently. I love them! and with school supplies on sale I thought it would be fun to make a fun crayon/marker/colored pencil holder to pair with a cute coloring book (ie…the perfect gift)

and with school starting soon these would be a perfect gift for teachers!–You could even personalize it with your teacher’s name! crayon and marker holder a girl and a glue gun diy



Here is the supplies you need:

2×4 in any length (If you scroll to the bottom you can see the variations of wood sizes!)


Drill with bit (a kit like this will give you a variety of hole sizes)


Depending on the writing utensil will depend on how big to make the hole. And measure out accordingly. Then drill.
drill holes into wood You can paint and decorate these any way you want–or even have kids help!  paint bottom half I painted half and stained the the other half. stain wood

crayon block

I added some Expressions Vinyl phrase just as some added icing on the cake!

sharpie organizer

Pair it with a cute coloring book and you have a great present!

marker holder

Here is a quick video I put together to show you the process!

You can actually turn a plain block into a cute holder–(this one has washi tape) fun colored pencil holder diy

and even a 4×4 piece of wood (this one is my favorite!)

crayon holder crayon holder diy out of a block of wood
and make sure to check out this awesome crayon holder idea from a knife block! Turn-an-Old-Knife-Block-Into-a-DIY-Crayon-Holder-Thrift-Diving-Blog

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or this sweet sign made from your child’s handwriting


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