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Talk on the Holy Ghost

My husband got asked to give a talk at our nephews baptism….and he came up with such a great idea I had to share! But it’s pretty generic and would be perfect for a primary talk or for a Family Home Evening lesson. (for more info about our church you can go HERE) A quick and easy lesson for Family home evening Here is the gist…..I cut out a silhouette with my…silhouette cameo! (ha!) He labeled them important principles of the church. holy ghost talk Then he said if you only get baptized…it’s easy to let Satan tempt you (and he had my nephew rip the silhouette)  Fun primary talk for kids But when you you do all the principles that go with baptism it makes you stronger and better able to resist Satan. (He talked about each principle and stacked them into a pile)  lds primary talk Then he handed the stack to my nephew to try to tear through…and he couldn’t get through! It’s important to try our hardest to obey all of God’s commandments to make us strong! You can adapt this many different ways–Team work or classroom responsibility! But I thought it was pretty great! (10 points for Husband) thick papers represents choosing the right You can go here to see another fun lesson — a-fun-lesson-on-the-Holy-Ghost-768x1292 and you and head HERE to see my other church related content!

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