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Dry erase paint review!

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I stumbled upon this awesome dry erase paint when I was buying spray paint…and I was itching to try it!

So I did. dry erase paint easy and fun for kids craft room Mostly….because I had a perfect spot. Daughter’s desk (see it here)

She is 8. Enough said right??? I mean…After I cleared off about 1000 tiny pieces of nonsensical items only 8 years old would think to keep. I found this scribble.
desk before 1

I didn’t know it came in two parts that you had to mix together…and then you only have an hour to apply. It’s quite a bit of paint and since there are different sizes it’s kind of hard to mix only half. (IE…I had a ton of paint leftover. I even did my daughters other dresser and both sides of the desk and the her window seat and a few blank walls.
dry erase paint But other than that fact…it’s pretty easy. Just mix both pieces and apply. mix and stir paint

I did two coats (since the dresser was already white. (which I totally would recommend painting whatever surface white before you start since it’s pretty thin paint) AND once it dries it is really shiny just like a normal dry erase board.


THEN you have to wait 3 days. 3 looooonnnnnggggg days.

But then…it’s time for some fun!!! fun things to do with dry erase

calendar, messages, quotes, notes….so much fun! sunshine notes to do list with dry erase It wipes up pretty good. We use a magic eraser to erase…. erase it easy full disclosure…If you let it sit for awhile…it does take a little bit of elbow grease to get it off. and the smoother the surface the better. Our textured wall was not the greatest!!! dry erase residue

Anyways…it’s turned out super fun and perfect for an 8 year old!

little girls desk

dry erase paint dresser top


make sure to grab these fun dry erase markers! 71CX0CfhdBL._SL1500_ this is dry erase paint on a fun kids dresser

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