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Happy Mother’s day!


mother's day quote


this was last years mothers-printable-2-900x1125

and the year before 13151763_1064462606925116_3194602586325581467_n

and this printable is one of my favorites! mothers-day-printable-900x1350


And this came up on another post! I asked what your favorite thing about being a mom (Or  about your mom) and here are the answers! So many good ones!

  • what I love most about my mom….is realizing she is more than just a mom…she’s a person. I grew up thinking that my mom…was just a mom. 24/7. but now that I am a momther (new word..just made it up) I realize that she is a person too. she has likes and dislikes…she probably needed to “rest her eyes” (mom code for taking a nap) but I thought her job was to wait on me hand and foot and so she couldn’t possibly need a nap.
  • I remember growing up thinking that my mom’s favorite color was orange….when I was little, after all the kids had picked the colors we wanted…there was an orange and brown cup left and I asked my mom what her favorite color was…she said orange. and since then have always harvested this thought that her favorite color was orange. lol. know i find myself doing the same thing..taking the burnedtoast….choosing whatever is left after everyone picked. my mom was so generous and such a great mother….and she had 2 more kids than me…so I if she could do it with 5 (and I was one of those horrible kids..)…i can too…(that thought keeps me going when i have locked myself in the bathroom)

onto your awesome comments:

  • *My favorite thing about being a mom is being let in on that secret mama love. Before I had a child my mom told me that I could never understand the love without being a mom. I thought she was wrong. My mom raised us as a single parent for a long time after leaving our abusive father (whom I’ve made amends with and have a great relationship with now-PRAISE GOD!) so my mom was all I had. I loved her more deeply than most love their moms. I thought the love I have for her was as deep as the love she had/has for me….but once my daughter was born…I instantly knew the mama love secret. There is no greater love this side of heaven than the love I feel for my daughter. The awe and the warmth and how it encompasses everything…being a mama changes everything. I am blessed more than I deserve and am more in love with life than ever. God’s gift of motherhood to me and the secret knowledge of mama love is the greatest thing about being a mama. <3 Happy Mother’s Day to all!!! Shhhh…..don’t tell our secret…no one will believe you anyway…until they KNOW! ; )
  • *I want to share one thing about my mother…she has taught me that you never stop being a mother, no matter how grown your kids are. No matter if your kids have kids of their own. I will always be her baby &; she loves my kids so much it’s crazy! Without her I wouldn’t be the mother I am today!
  • *My favorite part of being a Mom is hearing my children’s laughter .. it always makes me smile.
  • *My favorite thing about being a mom…
  • I love it when my baby first says mom…
  • I love it when they cry in the night because they need me…
  • I love it when my 8 year old holds my hand when we cross the street…
  • I love to watch my kids eat…
  • I love to be a mom!
  • {okay, I cheated and rattled off a few things…so sue me!} 🙂
  • *And the best thing about being a mother? It’s 8:25 and we’re all in our jammies. Love.it.
  • *My favorite part of being a mom are the unprompted kisses, hugs and “I love you’s”. Also just watching my boys turn into little people and knowing that I had a hand in it!
  • *My favorite thing about being a mother (i’m a new mom! of a 10 month old!) are those sloppy open mouth kisses she wipes all over my face and arms followed by a huge smile and clap of the hands saying “yay!”
  • *I have learned so much from my children but Cliff taught me to trust God, REALLY trust God and for that I will forever be thankful!
  • *And I am not a mother yet, but my favorite thing about my mother is the amazing support she gives me through every aspect of my life. I don’t know what I would do without her!)
  • *I love my Momma so much beause she has always been there for me!! When I am wrong about something she will tell me and still stand by me. She is the GREATEST Nana to my kids and the BEST mother to me!!
  • *and i love the cuddles and kisses, my kids are still so young so i love that they still want to! (most of the time!) and i love the kind advice and support my mum gives me.
  • *My favorite thing about being a mom: that deep, all encompassing, in-the-pit-of-your belly love that I feel every moment of the day.
  • *I love being a mom and being able to stay home with them. I love watching them learn new things–that moment when you can see that they get it! I love hugs and dandelion boquets and pictures on the fridge! Being the mom is the absolute best thing in the world! And a Happy Mother’s Day to you, too! : )
  • *My favorite thing about being a mom is crafting and creating with my girls!
  • *I love the unconditional love I get from my boys, even when I do something that really isn’t “perfect mom ideal”, and the cuddles they love to give me every night.
  • *My favorite thing about being a mom, is all those little moments every day where my daughter makes me feel so proud to be her mom. Could be as small as clearing her dishes, or telling a joke. 🙂 Love it!
  • *My mom was a lot of fun. Sometimes difficult but she was so brave and unwilling to back down when she believed in something. She expected me to do my best. she loved the ocean and instilled that in all her descendants!
  • *I love being able to create matching clothes for my girls right now. Since they don’t have much say in their clothes yet.
  • *I love the smiles I get when I get my baby out of his crib in the morning.
  • *What I love best about being a mom is that when I found out my first grandmother passed away yesterday, my kids were the first ones to give me hugs and tell me they were sorry.
  • *THis morning my favorite thing about being a mom is a lazy morning in bed with my girls, nickjr, and my computer. everyone is happy and snuggly. for now… 😉
  • *My favorite thing about being a mother is that every day is different and there is never a dull moment!
  • *My favorite thing about my mom is that she’s an ANGEL. Completely selfless, always interested in the doings of others, and she gets excited about things I get excited about. I’m not a mother yet, but I’m hoping I can be half as awesome as my mom.
  • *I love that my mom is down to earth – and crafty too!
  • *My favorite thing about being a mom is the big smile I get from my daughter anytime I come into the room!!
  • *My favorite thing about my mom is she is my best friend no matter what I say or do. She ALWAYS puts her kids first!
  • *My favorite thing about being a mother is my child’s unconditional love for me. Even when I mess up, she forgives, AND forgets
  • *My favorite thing about being a mom is learning the true meaning of love!
  • *My favorite thing about my mother was coming home to her cleaning the house with some great music blasting on the radio. It’s a pleasant memory that I won’t ever forget.
  • *my fave thing about being a mom is seeing the world through new eyes… last week emmy and i watched the royal wedding together and i explained that kate was going to become a princess. all the little flower girls and little boys were behind her and emmy said, “those little girls are beautiful, too, and they are marrying those little boys.” i mean, really. does it get any cuter?
  • *My favorite thing about being a Mother is staying home with them. We have silly days, crazy days, crafty days, pajama days, sick days. Regardless of the day, I’m just glad I’m spending it with them.
    *My favorite thing about my mom is that we can talk about anything and she is like a best friend
  • *My favorite thing about my mom is how stinkin’ funny she is.
  • *here’s my favorite thing about MY mother:
  • She did it the hard way. She said no when she should have, and yes when she could. She held firm on the rules that she really believed in, regardless of how much of a fuss I put up…. and I put up QUITE a fuss as a teenager.
  • *My mother is wonderful. I love the fact that she always takes the time to listen to me when I call her, even though she is a busy teacher and still has twin ten year old boys at home. I’m so thankful for her advice, encouragement, and willingness to help however she can.
  • *My mom is awesome, always so helpful and is great at anticipating my every feeling, she’s my best friend.

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