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Nerf storage ideas!

oh. nerf guns. My son has 400. (slight exaggeration) I don’t know what it is about them…but everyone loves them.

Except me. I find those dang mangy bullets EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. I once had a bullet stuck to a ceiling fixture that I couldn’t reach.  and it stayed up there for months.


This was nerf gun storage ideas are in order…enjoy!
amazing nerf storage ideas

The best way for nerf gun storage

Shoe Rack as Nerf gun storage


Nerf board made from a  peg board 


Nerf Gun Cabinet


Wooden Storage


Hanging Nerf  Storage

nerf gun storage in boys room_zpsys2nsnhg

A whole wall devoted to Nerf Guns

nerf wall display

Funny Zombie Wall


Cheese Ball container turned Nerf Dart storage (great for keeping them all in one place!

Nerf dart storage

PVC Storage Rack


Put the darts in a lunch box!

dart storage

Vertical Storage


A whole wall devoted to the guns 95d73322edbd112c6f02ec7ffacb8942

Love this one with the fun saying DIY-NERF-STORAGE (1)

nerf bullets with duct tape gun belt nerf bandolier army duct tape

Armory Peg Board


Nerf Gun Storage Rack


Bucket of Nerf Guns

dan and the infamous sword bucket

Fun organized wall 057a0adf1d5de8289e90f5fa63483f6d

Old wire shelf unit turned awesome


pvc pipe holder 1413d04387bb0a5d85e5b5e427e7cf6c

over the door storage 719fkuXrBwL._SL1500_ Storage Wall
nerf wall

ON a side note: spray paint those nerf guns!! Make them look super cool!


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