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Merry mix–design dazzle

christmas themed trail mix bar

for Halloween I whipped up this fun Monster Mix

and I thought…why not do a Christmas themed version!

You give each kid a little bag and let them add a spoonful of whatever they like! (like an unhealthy trail mix!!!)

merry mix...a fun trail mix bar for the holidays

I got the washi tape, the berry baskets, the little clothespins and the twine all at Michaels!!

I walked around the candy aisle trying to decide what looked like what! I’ve also added some other ideas you could use for each thing too!
elf treats

For the elf treats: I used sour patch kids and gum drops. Lucky charms or fruit loops would be fun…mike and ikes, skittles (really anything colorful!)

snowman pieces

For the snowman pieces: marshmallows…if you can get your hand on cotton candy that would be fun. you could also use  dinner mints or those white yogurt drops. reindeer noses for the reindeer noses: whoppers and red gumballs.  cocoa puffs would work…brown m&ms. christmas tree seeds

for the christmas tree seeds: we used almonds…but any nut would really work (I was TRYING to add SOMETHING healthy!

reindeer poop

for the reindeer poop: raisins, chocolate covered cinnamon bears, sugar babies,

grinch snacks

for the grinch: anything green. green jelly beans, m&m’s kisses. there are loads of green stuff during christmas time!

candy cane seeds

for the candy cane seeds: any kind of little peppermints!

santas cookies

for santa’s cookies: you could use any little cookie, we did chips ahoy, but they have little oreos, nutter butters, wafers…whatever you think santa likes to gorge himself on! reindeer footprints

for the reindeer footprints: I used chocolate covered pretzels…and I really don’t know what else you could use?!

Anyone else have a great substitute?

Such a fun way to enjoy a treat! perfect treat or snack for your christmas party

merry mix with free printables

and here are the printables!

merry mix 555 merry mix free printables--a girl and a glue gun

(just right click and save to your computer and then print from there!)

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