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Headband holder

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that my sister was having a baby (see her cute baby shower HERE) Anyways…since I’m completely and utterly 7 years out of the baby stage…it’s sooooo fun to get to do baby stuff again! (I don’t get invited to enough baby showers!) I’ve been wanting to make a headband holder for awhile….so this was a perfect excuse! head band holder

Guess what the before was?? quaker oats container I spray painted the lid– spray paint lid and cut paper to fit around the container–It took one and half  12×12 sheets… Using a Fiskar paper cutter makes sure everything lines up super nice! cut paper into strips Hot glue the paper around! Then the fun part! Making bows! I found this little set at the dollar store! unnamed (18) I didn’t care for the little bows–So I just ripped them off so I could use the elastic! unnamed (19) Made some new pretty ones…hot glue on .. unnamed (20) wayyyy cuter!  unnamed (21)

You can just pop the lid off and store extra bows and barrettes inside! fill up with bows easy diy bow holder

You can totally customize to fit your bathroom or kids room!  headband holder from recycle If you want fun hair bow tutorials head HERE before and after of a kids hair bow holder Or try this one–It’s made out of a paper towel roll!



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