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Everything you ever wanted to know about making fleece blankets!

Okay! So Fleece Blankets are the best! They are so soft and cuddly and EASY! They don’t fray which means you don’t have to sew them at all! Win win! I’ve got 4 fun different fleece blankets for you!  Everything you ever wanted to know about making fleece blankets

Making Fleece Blankets

But first: Details! There are two kinds of fleece you can buy at Joann Stores…Blizzard Fleece and No pill Fleece. No pill fleece is  a bit more expensive (by just a couple dollars) but it will hold it’s softness longer and won’t “bead” up like the cheaper fleece (hence the name No pill fleece!)

Fleece is a bit wider than regular fabric on the bold. So I buy a yard and half to make a good rectangle size. It’s perfect for regular sized adults to cuddle up on the couch with. You could buy a yard and trim off about a foot to make a crib sized quilt. (and I just noticed at Joanns they have EXTRA wide fleece…!) what kind of fleece fabric to buy Sharp scissors are a MUST! I love my Fiskars–Fleece is pretty thick so if your scissors are dull it will make a hack job of your fabric! For nice smooth edges make sure they are nice and sharp! (don’t use fabric scissors for anything other than fabric! Mark them and keep them away from your kids!) You will want to cut off the salvage edges before starting!  sharp scissors And you can can buy one fleece pattern and just finish the edges. It looks good from front and back…but I love doubling up my fabric. It makes it even more warmer (I’m ALWAYS cold) Nice thick blankets! So I just purchase two fun patterns and match them together!!! two fun fabrics

I put together a video of all the different ways to tie a blanket!

Okay! Let’s start the fleece making process—a Tied fleece blanket! tied knotted fleece blanket This one is pretty universal! Just tying a knot! So I have two pieces of fabric on top of each other and trimmed so all the edges match up. Then I cut 3-4 inch stripes every 1 1/2 inches.

how to tie a fleece blanket

Take a top and a bottom and tie a double knot! It’s just the at easy! My 7 year old and almost 10 year old helped me make it! Super Easy–and since it requires nothing but fabric and scissors you can take this in the car or at a meeting or waiting at the bus stop!  The edges are totally funky and fun!

(I forgot to mention that you cut out the corner!



 (If you are super anal about cutting strips you can follow this tip)

Dec 094 fringe blanket The Second blanket is super similar…but instead of adding a knot we loop it. This makes the edges lay flat as opposed to all fluffy. looped fleece blanket how to tie a fleece blanket 1. cut strips just like the knotted blanket.

2. at the top of each strip snip a hole through the top and the bottom

3. Take the top layer and push the bottom layer up through the hole.

4. Take the bottom layer and push it up through the hole (So the zig zag is back on top where it started.

5. You can stop here…but I like to run it through one more time so the front fabric is on the back and the back fabric is on the front! It’s super fun for contrast!

6. That’s it….start again…and again…and again!

My kids helped me do this one too! It’s not tricky (although I’m afraid I made it look like it’s hard!) But once again–No sew! and it looks pretty!  easy no sew fleece blanket When creating these blankets..you can have a little fun and round the edges or cut them into a point

Dec 107 source


source tied fleece blanket! Easy no sew for kids to do  Taking it one step harder—we are making some yarn fringed fleece blankets next!  yarn tassel flannel blanket a girl and a glue gun you need fleece…and yarn to match! (I couldn’t resist this striped yarn! love!) This is the brand HERE  yarn supplies How to make a yarn fringe blanket 1. snip little notches every 2 inches…or you can do more or less.

2. snip holes above the notch

3.cut you yarn into 7 inch long strips.

4. slip a crochet hook in the hole

5. Add strips of yarn (since it’s thicker yarn I used 3 pieces)

6. Pull through hole

7. Open hole and pull down the ends through the hole

8. tighten. And repeat!

It looks so fun! I love how this on turned out!

yarn detail fleece blanket fringe blanket with yarn detail throw blanket with yarn And last but not least…scalloped edge  scalloped edge fleece blanket how to This one does require some sewing! but nice straight stitches so it’s great for first timers!  fleece blankets Laid out two fabrics and pin together. pin edges I sewed around about two inches in. sew a fleece blanket And then took my nice sharp Fiskar scissors and cut a fun scalloped edge!

fleece blanket to sew! must make!

You can also cut a zig zag along the edge for more manly blanket–Trim it out and leave it a solid edge, or even cut strips.. 00803d7ccf103dd0079af705d3be619a

source 527d720c086c8bb1e9f0f244c2c514fe (1)

You can also try this fun Braided edge!  Dec 115

and a braided edge 2.0 img_5715

Or a bow edge! (cant find a link to this one!) But it looks like they cut a slit every 3 inches and add a little stitch to make the bow effect! so cute!


Or the loop through is another great easy edge idea! DSC_0841

Or just long skinny strips!

Wavy fringed fleece scarf tutorial

So many fun options!
fun different ways to make a fleece blanket a girl and a glue gun

(These four blankets I made are  being donated to Luke’s Loves! Check it out HERE) unnamed (11)

I have a roundup of 200 other fun blankets to create! See it here! 

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Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.