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Foiled United States of America.

Sometimes you get this BrILLLIANT idea….and you are just so dang excited.


and then you start doing and halfway through you are about ready to kick yourself. This might be one of these projects!

HA! It actually didn’t take so long–and I do totalllllly love the outcome…but it was a labor of love.  foiled united states a girl and a glue gun


What makes is UBER special is the FOIL on it from my Heidi Swapp Minc Machine (you can grab one at your local craft store!) (head HERE to see all my foil projects so far!)

I showed you last minc post these fun minc sheets to cut out your own designs! and Since they are compatible with the silhouette craft cutter–match made in heaven! minc-sheets silhouette cameo I just cut out the United states (I found a good one from google!) united states I saved the paper so I could use it like a puzzle (since I’m HORRIBLE at geography..I didn’t realize it until this post…but holy crap. I could not tell you what half those states were! I would look at the map and pull pieces from all over..I didn’t want two colors connecting..even thought it happened a few times…So I grabbed states from each corner and started doing 5 states with each color– foiled states Lay the foil over and run through your Minc machine at a setting of 3!  send through minc Then peel up the foil to see the prettiness! (the foil only sticks to the blank ink!) foiled states with minc machine So after each set of foil…I would glue on the map. Some states were tinnnny. and I didn’t’ want to get glue all over….So I used Allene’s Instant Tacky. You just lay the state on the paper and when you peel it up it’s covered with teennnny tiny dots. Then stick on the map where it goes. Allene's instant tacky

I got about half way done when I had to really start planning colors to make sure we didn’t end up with 4 blue states together. And then the whole tiny little states around New York.  minc machine Don’t look to closely..because I’m sure you will realize that some little islands might be missing. Heidi swapp

and don’t ask about Alaska and Hawaii…..have you seen all the islands in Hawaii?

(P.s…the frame is from Cut it out Already! ADORABLE!) foiled minc united states in cut out frames


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