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Embroidery Hoop Art kit!

Today I get to tell you about the coolest thing! They are called crafternoon by Hazel and Ruby crafternoon kits by hazel and ruby The one I got to try out is from my good friend Virginia from Fynes Design! She got to design it! Isn’t it the cutest!

Here is the AMAZING selling points of the CRAFTNOON line…First. I am not a “finisher” I get excited to start projects…and if I don’t have a deadline…I never finish. Usually it’s too time consuming. These kits are projects that only take an afternoon!  It’s perfectly doable and not so overwhelming!

I also love that you can try your hand at something without totally committing! If you haven’t tried embroidery before–this is a great place to start!

hazel and ruby embroidery hoop art kit

All the packs come with all the supplies. I had to have an iron…scissors, and a pen….everything else was provided for me! (It will tell you on the back the supplies you will need!) But I don’t know about you…but I’m always forgetting pieces of my projects! I can’t tell you how many late night/ mid project trips I’ve taken to Joann to buy a zipper/thread/button etc….

and since it was all right there…I was able to take it on the go. I did some in the car while I was waiting for my kids and at my husbands softball game! I even learned a couple things from the awesome instruction cards!

kit pieces

And there is so much packed into this little pouch. Technically this was two projects! Grab another needle and you and your friend/daughter could work on it together!

And you can still be creative! I painted the hoops colors to match my bedroom and did a couple different things to make it my own!

These kits are pretty much going to be given out as birthday gifts to everyone/anyone. I love them! I mean How fun would a girls birthday party be with all these fun kits! Throw in some cake and the party is done!
crafternoon kit fynes design

You can buy this ADORABLE Embroidery Hoop kit HERE

(AND go follow FYNES DESIGN on Instagram…it’s the prettiest feed you ever did see!)

and check out your Joann Stores to see all the other fun ones! (This was the day it was out….and look at the empty spots! Such a hit!)  crafternoon kits at joann

There is also the most adorable cross stitch calendar I want! 14552145ALT1


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