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Father’s day present with the Minc

First…I’m over at Expressions Vinyl blog showing a super fun and easy father’s day present

father's day gift idea with vinyl

and now…on with the show…

I’m frickin loving this minc machine–I wanted my kids to write little special notes to their dads…and was like…why not foil them?? #foilallthethings
fathers day personalized foil print

I just had them write it out with a big black marker and ran to staples to copy! Then chose gold (it’s my go to color!)
kid drawn fathers day art Lay the foil over
foil over the design put between the plastic sheath  put in the plastic sleeve and run it through your minc machine!  run it through the minc machine the heat makes it so the gold attaches to the ink! Then just peel up and reveal the awesomeness that is minc!  peel up the foil sheet (p.s. You can get the minc machine at Hobby Lobby and joanns!)
best dad ever fathers day personalized art

father's day gift idea

We also turned one into a fun card!

dad father's day card

You can go HERE to see so much foil inspiration that it will leave you giddy!

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