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bedazzled father’s day ties

We did this for church (i belong to this church!) and our primary president (the woman over the kids in at our church) is AWESOME! a couple weeks before father’s day she put a call out for any old unused ties…(she needed one for each dad in the ward!)

(you can check out thrift stores too if you don’t get enough donated)

then a week prior she set up a room with a table full of feathers, poms, sequins, foam stickers, any big and awesome.

She would roundup all the kids for each family and have them design and decorate a tie together for their dad! (they also decorated brown lunch bags to put them in) Then each kid took their’s home after church. On Father’s day all the dads got to open their *awesome bedazzled ties and wear them to church!!!
father's day bedazzled ties


It was so much fun!!! I don’t know how the guys even tied their ties with all that stuff on!!! My kids disappointed me and totally made my husbands nice….

tie for father's day

i wanted it uglied out!!! (he was relieved i think!)

anyways! this is such a fun idea! I had to pass it on! I only wish I would have taken pictures of all of them!


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