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Make a canvas picture from a box!

I’ve got an awesome knock off ucycley project for you! Making a canvas looking photo…from an old box (or shoe box lid!) diy a canvas art made from a box

I did this for my photo ledges… but of course took no how to photos…so I had to make another one!  IMG_2366-900x600 diy-photo-canvas-900x600 I had a box my clock came in..it was 12 x 16. So I order a Large print from Costco that woud fit the box…and the sides. measure both sides plus width. both sides plus length! the picture can be bigger than the box and you can trim down but you it’s hard to “trim down” the box. picture made from box diy canvas I laid the picture on the box and centered it where I wanted it…and then pressed down the sides to make a light crease. Then turned the photo face down and lined up the box with the creases and drew around the box.
trace around picture canvas how to measure out the sides and trim the picture to fit. I didn’t have to cut any off the sides…but 2 inches off the the top and bottom. Then on each side you are going to make this cut:  cut slits The long piece will get wrapped up first. fold it up and fold the sides over. wrap edges hot glue in place. Then pull up the sides and hot glue them into place. hot glue edges And there you have  a 2-d picture that doesn’t need a frame and looks so cute!  get the look of canvas for cheap using a shoe box lid picture wrapped canvas knock off cute diy canvas

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