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GIANT cardboard/ marquee letters

learn how to diy a giant marquee symbol or letter from a cardboard box- a girl and a glue gun

so…we moved in. and 4 days after we bought a tv for my living room…cause i was dying a slow death without one. and the box it came in was huge and big and sturdy…and amidst the hot mess that was my house…I sat down and made these! (my husband was THRILLED!) But you know…giant letters and marquees can be so stinking expensive.

You need a front of back of each letter or shape. Now. you are going to want to use block letters…the curve of an s is still doable…but it definitely takes more finesse (which I don’t possess) (oh. I’m rhyming!)

I cut cardboard in strips to the size width I wanted…and started taping it around….then Tape on the backside… IMG_2775

back of homemade words

Then I wrapped it up with and spray painted it. giant block letter diy from cardboard box

the marquee is made basically the same way…

So you have two arrows…and the side pieces. Take one arrow and pop holes in.¬† IMG_2776

on the back arrow you are going to cut a notch for the plug to come out. I have two…cause I wasn’t sure what side I was going to hang the arrow and I wanted the plug at the bottom. giant arrow

(I used a dischanger to put it on the wall!)

Than tape the sides to the bottom piece.

Take your second arrow piece (the one with holes) and pop the lights through. (without lightbulb) (I got my lights HERE) They had a little lip on them so once they were up out of the hole they stayed that way. (you can tape them in place if needs be) and place it in the arrow with the sides. push down until their is a lip (threading out the plug in!)

and tape.

We had this tape…and I literally just wrapped my finished piece all over. (you could mod podge paper around–but my mod podge was still packed at this point.)
IMG_2778 Then I painted (spray paint!) …I taped over my light holes so I wouldn’t get paint in them!

took an exacto knife and cut out my holes…
IMG_2783 IMG_2784 now…i get this all assembles…and the lights are in there…totally taped up like crazy. and I turn it on and the lightbulb is burned out. So I run to the store and buy a new one…and it doesn’t work. it’s a wonky ¬†plug. and I have no way of fixing it. #frustrated how-to-make-giant-cardboard-letters-1024x682

light up marquee made out of cardboard

giant arrow how to

or wrap with yarn!


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