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shoeboxs are my bestie.(cardboard week)

Okay. I never get rid of shoe boxes….never. NEVER. I use them alllll over my house! I wanted to show you all the random places I use them!

so this isn’t so much a diy…even thought I wrap them in wrapping paper or shelf liner or duck tape just to make them pretty.

  birthday box it’s where I keep all my birthday stuff..extra balloons, noisemakers, hats, banners…etc! Any leftovers from parties!  birthday box 2

another box (I ended up cutting off the top) is our medicine box! It goes on the top shelf of the pantry..and I can pull it down and dig through to find what I need! It’s so nice than trying to dig through a cupboard  store your medicine

I wrapped this one in shelf liner to hold just my husbands crap (cause he’s old and has to take tons) weight lifting pills

These would also be awesome for spices too!

what about all those little packages for mixes and seasoning and more importantly..KOOLAID! IMG_2829

I also use one for Jello and Pudding mixes! ( I like to buy them..and never make them.) IMG_2827

I keep one with all my cards in it..(they’re  all blank…i was in a “card club” where you made 10 of one card and than swapped them…so I have a TON!) DSC00251 cards

DSC00253 cards

One for nailpolish
nailpolish box

and to keep the toys organized…. DSC00272 toys



I seriously use them ALLLL the time! Tell me I’m not alone! Are you a shoebox hoarder as well?





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