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lampshade roundup

okay…The other day I scored 4 plain lampshade for about $2.50 a piece…(do I have four lamps that fit them…no. but that is soooo besides the point.) So I quickly go on in pintrest to see what I should do with these plain janes….so many fun ideas! So sit back…relax…and enjoy this lampshade goodness!
over twenty different fun and unique ideas of ways to makeover a plain boring lampshade

a cultivated nest DIY-Sweater-covered-lampshade

do you have an old sweater…cause it is SCREAMING to be reincarnated as this lampshade…


kiki and co




oh…a little doodling and instant love

vintage revivals DIY Color Pop Cord Lamp Tutorial[9]

looks like a little ribbon just finishes off this already gorgeous lamp!



given enough sharpies I could decorate my whole house.

high street blog 52565520620192496pOHlocgpc

okay..this isn’t a lampshade…but how could I NOT link it up! so cute!

craftaholics anonymous monogram-lamp-shade

monograms. there so hot right now.

the blissful bee LampShadeAfter

a little paint..a little time…walllla…









vinyl would be AMAZING for this kind of project!

source  b7e6b4961ea3d78241222e191719a885

glitter the INSIDE! don’t forget the inside!!!! packs a punch!!!

p.s. I made this 8f45c195b7b783e323b491ffb270b806

paint…ombre it up…looks amazing!

bliss boom blog


get festive with a boy version!

at home with the barkers DIY-Spray-Painted-Lamp-Shade-700x1056

spray paint?? can’t get easier than that!!!


polka dots!!!!! I love them everywhere else…why wouldn’t I splash some on my lampshade!

a girl and a glue gun

a little duck tape

sarah m. dorsey

greek key lamp shade 1

stencil it up!

source 997a541e54d94d53c29da6372ab76690

diy your own shades by cutting up a globe! wha???? amazing.


interesting! weave a big ribbon THROUGH it..

vintage revivals HowToCoverALampshadewithLeggings


oh. that mandy. clever little minx.

caitlyn wilson


ribbon. and some hot glue. and a whole lot of love.

 a girl and a glue gun PicMonkey Collage45

 a little fabric….a bit of spray paint…loas of cuteness.




get up close and intimate with some embroidery floss…or felt and hot glue…whatever you choose..it will be amazing!

confessions of a serial diyer


 a little frog tape and paint…..

the owls are hunting cbf9432e23b0f09a50494845b2e85e9b

fabric…and ribbon and cuteness oh my.

bhg 7835992088_7254dcdc9d_o

ohhh….this fabric one is AMAAAAZZZZING.

buzzfeed enhanced-buzz-25811-1379007445-7

poke some holes to make a fun scene when the light is on!

jade and fern final2-text_2152

with a little fabric marker you could rule the world…or at least this lamp shade.

vintage revivals ombre-lampshade[7]_thumb[1] yarn. who knew right??? (mandy..mandy did.)

silver boxes Map covered lampshade a fun map updo. 


101909031.jpg.rendition.largest okay…i saved my favorite one for last….which one is YOUR favorite!!!

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