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I babysat.

and this happened. 10425404_846389475399098_8753753315410694041_n (1) 10959857_846389445399101_3128090785128598689_n 11017870_846389462065766_3857684898750407684_n 1795471_846389402065772_4003276272868274802_n 12922_846389435399102_4705307365085854349_n 10923253_846389415399104_626829055609496056_n 10991365_846389385399107_1491654792802913836_n 10457962_846389285399117_8641908437633549980_n 10923291_846389318732447_7000329697190516869_n 10998890_846389298732449_857563892010660191_n 10997787_846389335399112_5044965409678094703_n 10996977_846389348732444_3425835505347977707_n \

this is my cute nephew…who came out with a head of hair. The nurses called him Elvis! and i was itching to play around with it….!

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