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Elmer’s banner

I am a huge fat believer that kids crafts don’t have to look like kids crafts! I have my kids help out so much (cause the LOVE it!) The will do the base coat for me…they love to spray paint. They can sew straight lines! Where ever they can pitch in I let them!

So together we whipped out this fun diy banner…. Chalkboard banner

with some spring flowers! scrappy banner with flowers using all this fun Elmer’s loot! elmer's loot

This green chalkboard foam board is amazing! (it is REAL chalkboard!) and it comes in two sets…so one will get framed for my daughter’s room…and the other one got cut up! I made a template to trace — trace

after tracing..cut out with an x-acto knife. (helpful hint: I originally traced on the back and cut it out upside down. It looks so much smoother if you cut from the top!! (I didn’t want to have to erase any lines…but seriously…cut through the top!) (this part with the knife might not be kid friendly!)

They have super fun stencils! I picked a phrase and traced around it…(which your kids can totally do!)
elmer's stencil on foam core board

Then traced around that with painters pen! trace with painter markers We even used the Painters pens to make flowers…(I adore these pens! ) paint flowers

Then glued on the flowers directly to the green chalkboard foam.
glue on flowers

(they have these amazing mounting tape that adds dimension..but since I cut out these flowers of foam core board they are pretty thick!)

dimensional foam board

added some glue and pom pom trim and hang!

green chalkboard foamboard

This is Elmer’s® cork board I cut to size and put in a frame. xoxo elmer's banner

My daughter ended up using all the same techniques to make a sign for my other daughter’s door!  kids craft with elmers

door sign

I thought this door sign would be so cute for a teacher’s room! Mrs. Cranor 1st grade! I know my daughter would love making it…and that green chalkboard foam board screams teacher to me!

I wanted to show you how much we love the paint pens–remember my son’s superhero sign using them:  DSC01927



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