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Why I have the best job ever.


(my blog is 5 today! happy blog birthday to me! So I thought I would write a post all about how I have the best job ever!!!)


This is me. living the dream.

living the dream my dream looks pretty unhygienic. but it’s my dream so butt out.


Let’s go back to 2000. I graduated. hallelujah. with high honors. (not quite sure how that happened.I don’t remember doing homework. like ever. I DO remember hanging out in the art classroom like all the time. )

Then it was time to go to college and pick a profession to do for the rest of your life….

no pressure…but pick something you aren’t going to get sick off forevvvvveeerrr (said in scary voice with flashlight under your chin)

and guess what? I never picked. the thought of doing ONE thing made me gag. Clean teeth…every day. shoot me. Teach cute little kids, (that carry germs and pick their nose) their abc’s every day…um. no thank you. I can’t sing, I can’t dance, Anything with business in the title makes my eyes glaze over….files, insurance, eobs, taxes, anything with math, marketing –I mean I don’t even like playing monopoly.


So I spent collage painting pictures of my roommates as dumb and dumber characters (true story), and trying to fit in the dryer (also true story) making loads of french fries, and gaining the freshman 15 (way too true. plus another 15). and taking random class after random class, ie…french, swimming, art classes, graphic design,  sewing, advertising, art history, clothes constructing, interior design, and a fun book class.

(I did take all the required classes as well….)

I tried to find something that screamed me…but I was poor Anastasia trying to force something on my mammoth foot.



nothing fit. it. just. wasn’t. happening.

Then I got married and became a mom and it all got put on the back burner.

But the whole time I just had this naggy feeling…like, kim, what would you do if your husband died? How would you take care of yourself??? (do you think thoughts like this or is this just me..?)

and I knew I wouldn’t get life insurance cause he would probably die by my hand. 10888403_10203392548640773_5430250868264347206_n

(only jokes people…put the pitchforks down!)

But I hated that I had nothing to fall back on…and what’s worse I knew that I was destined for more.


And miraculously I stumbled upon blogging. I had a family blog…and adored it. I would write posts in my head in the shower. Spend days taking photos for posts….stalked it for comments. I loved it.


and I’m not sure what lit my fire but I decided to start a craft blog (I loved reading ucreate and make it and love it and thought, “I could do this…i have great ideas”) and my blog was born (almost called www.myhusbandthinksthisisdumb.com)

And nothing has fit me better.  cinderella-disneyscreencaps-com-8548-science-explains-cinderella-s-glass-slippers-dainty-footwear-or-accident-waiting-to-happen

 I get to be creative….but something different everyday. paint, sew, decorate, mod podge, upcycle, printables, vinyl, hot glue (i probably should have put that first).


I get to work at my own speed…in my own crazy random way. I get to write fun posts and quote weird movies and pretend like people like me. It’s pretty much the best job.


but if you aren’t convinced…I came up with a list:






SERIOUSLY. I love that I can scrounge all day. I don’t like leaving the house very often (hermit) So days when I don’t have to put makeup on or  pants on is a good day. My husband likes to say that if you work in your pjs it doesn’t count as “work”. I think he’s just jealous. I mean look at me…who wouldn’t be jealous!!!


** FRIENDS (ahhhh.) blogs

I’m a huge introvert…which is way blogging speaks to me..behind the scenes! So this one comes as a huge surprise to me! All these amazing bloggers have become  personal friends. Like I would come-pluck-their-eyebrows-if-they-ever-get-in-a-coma friend.  They are the most inspiring set of ladies (and this is not even close to being all of them!)

I mean seriously…my husband doesn’t want to hear about how much better vertical photos work for pinterest, and all about the crazy facebook algorithm, and seo. It’s so nice to have people who have a common interest (good content and pageviews!) to bounce ideas off of, to share each others content, to spill what works for them. It’s literally the best part….seriously…I would even get dressed if I had too. It’s the reason I look foward to the SNAP conference each year! I feel like i’m in a super secret blogging club. If you want to join you have to learn the handshake (it’s just a regular handshake but you have to have paint on your hands and glitter under fingernails)


**PACKAGES happy mail

I do not know about you….but if someone sent me whole box of tampons…I would still be excited!

There is nothing better than  seeing a brown box on your doorstep! and I get LOTS of fun packages (no tampons yet!) fabric, glue, paint, mod podge, label makers, rugs, buttons, jewelry, ribbon, washi tape. You name it…I’ve probably gotten some! I’m on a first name basis with my UPS man. I sometimes feel guilty when I hear his truck. I’m pretty sure he hates me. or thinks I have a shopping problem. but I don’t care….I love me some happy mail! I’ve gotten some really awesome things over the past 5 years! I’m not telling this to rub it in your face….but this list would not be complete without it.  (and sometimes I take the extras and do giveaways for you….so it comes full circle!)




Okay….so going hand in hand with the packages….I get to try out some new craft stuff that I wouldn’t otherwise get to play with!  Like this awesome label thing that prints words on ribbon!

and I recently got this styrocutter….it’s like the coolest thing ever! melts styrofoam! ( I’ve made about 15 projects!) and Fun shape tape and ruffle fabric and fake canvas wraps.

it pushes me out of my comfort zone and keeps the creativity juices flowing!





This is a big one for me. I have that desire…often. I’m probably addicted…but there is no AA for crafters. (thank goodness!)

It was the one thing that was missing with all those professions I was trying to decide to do. I didn’t want to be a teacher…but I did want to decorate the classroom. I’ve worked in a few libraries..and while I LOVE books…my favorite part was designing the bulletin boards! I’ve done so many odd jobs–painting murals on walls, lots of posters, painted pumpkins, sewn random odds and ends for people, lots of church handouts, painted seasonal windows….I knew I could never sit down and work a nine to five filing papers.  I have a desire to create…and blogging lets me do it!!!



Okay…(only cause it’s the season)…but since I blog I get to write off all my “expenditures” (adult word)…..all those trips to Joanns. All the spray paint cans. Dinner with blog friends. Shelf for your living room (that you use in blog photos), My new lens, fabric up the wazoo, Basically anything I use that’s blogging related.

I have said this from the beginning…even if I didn’t have a blog, I would still be crafting the same amount. So it’s nice that I get to write them all off (cause i would still be buying them!)


the adding them all up is not a favorite thing.



You are the boss.

Which means you get to take days off (as long as you didn’t leave that guest post til last minute!) But if you wake up sick. you don’t have to work. Husband wants to go shopping or take you out. do it. Lunch dates with friends. yes please (I mean…if it was happenchance one of the days you actually showered.)

If you want to do this all day…feel free.

It’s nice to be in charge.



I get to dress up my little dolls and get good pictures of them often (aka…everytime I sew them something.)


mickey mouse dress

dress tutorial here

pretty sure they would say this is the WORST part of blogging


go here for this outfit

but they have become some of my favoritest pictures ever!!! DSC00551

the tutorial for this is here


pinterest 3 You know…one day we will tell our kids that we were around BEFORE pinterest!

I love pinterest so much!

I love it as a girl.  As a crafter. As a lady trying to decorate her house. As a gal who needs a laugh. As a mom trying to find fun homework. As a wife that needs new meals to cook. As an admirer of pretty things.

All the above reason is me…searching on pinterest trying to find certain stuff that tickles my fancy.

(I just googled tickle my fancy…cause it sounded dirty. but it’s not.)

but as a blogger is for a WHOLE other reason. TRAFFIC!

I get loads of traffic from Pinterest. From people like you. and your neighbor. and me. People who are looking for an easy apron tutorial. Or someone searching out a great kids present.  Or a last minute present for mother’s day.

and I won’t get to into the boring details.

but more traffic= more money and more money means I don’t have to go get a job at a bank. (where i would get fired in two days cause math blows)

And the more I pin…and the more people that repin my stuff sends more traffic..

so in a big loosy goosey way…I get paid to be on pinterest.

aka…the best job ever.

(follow me)


I don’t know any of other job where you get to wake up and read nice comments about yourself.

But I get too.


I get nice emails that make me laugh and cry (good cry) I get nice comments on facebook telling me how clever a certain project is. I get repins on pinterest and people write nice things in the description about how “cute this blog is”. ( i mean..i get crap mean comments too…but the ratio is like 50 to 1…so I’ll take it!) These comments have kept me going–made me feel special–given me a purpose! So I thank each and every one of you that have ever left me a comment!!!

(I print out the nice emails I get and put in a book….some are so nice that I can bear to delete them!)


I’m sure there are more…but those are my reasons that I have the best job ever! thanks so much to 5 great years! I literally wouldn’t be here without  you. I would be the one asking if you would like fries with that.


now…before you start a blog…it isn’t all sunshine and butterflies…

make sure to read this post about the dark side of blogging!

About Kimbo

Kimbo blogs at A girl and a glue gun--where she puts her hot glue gun to good use (as well as her vinyl cutter and sewing machine) She loves all crafts and is thrifty (the nice way to say she's cheap) So she is constantly trying to come up with fast and easy projects that won't break the bank! She lives in Idaho with her hot husband and 3 kiddos.