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stand tall–giant flamingo!

Happy Friday. I used to love Fridays…cause it meant the weekend…but I’m a mom. so now it doesn’t quite mean the same! But THIS friday I have  a super fun craft for you–plus some totally fun new tools!

With help from Floracraft®’s Make it: Fun® Foam I whipped up some giant wall art for my daughters room! giant wall art #makeitfuncrafts

giant flamingo anyone??? floracraft styrofoam letters


The foam sheets come in all different sizes…I made the letters with the thinnest one…and the flamingo is the next size up! all different sized foam sheets floracraft®

I just use a sharpie and sketch out where I want to cut….

sketch out

okay…the Florcraft® StyroCutter® Plus is literally the coolest thing ever!!! It heats up super fast and melts right through! I made a video….(it took me 6 minutes to cut it out (I sped the video up for you though!)

like buttah guys…like buttah! In the video I’m kinda moving it back and forth…and being sped up it looks like I’m sawing it. But you just let the cutter glide through. I move it to keep the boredom away! It’s seriously the coolest thing–I feel like I can do all the fancy stuff that people can do with wood…with half the cost and half the time!!!

wall art challenge letters


Then I just cut fabric to size.

wrap styrofoam letters with fabric


I just wrapped it like a present….(QUICK TIP: HOT glue will melt the Foam…cause it’s HOT…so I put it on the fabric first..waited a couple seconds for it to cool before pressing it onto the Floracraft® foam sheets

hot glue tips with floracraft foam sheets



So apparently I was to involved creating…that I took no pictures other than this awesome mess  I made! flamingo how to diy

make it fun foam mess


The flamingo is three parts…the legs are pieced together. Then the body. And then the head. I made the wing using scraps..I’m kinda torn if I like them or not!!! and of course I  cut out STAND…I was originally going to wrap that in fabric…but all the curves made it a bit more tricky! So instead I opted for..



You can apply it to Floracraft® foam sheets–for a SMOOTH FINISH (thus the title!) I don’t know if you have ever tried painting foam sheets just plain…It looks so porous and it would take more patience than I possess to get it all covered! This makes it looks so pro! I added some paint…and glitter…and polka dots…all things girlie and cute.

glitter letters It’s pretty much my favorite thing ever!!!

wrapped the flamingo legs and beak with fabric for some fun patterns! fabric wrapped a girl and a glue gun

side view of flamingo floracraft letters

fun flamingo wall art diy with floracraft

(fyi: my other daughter has requested a giant zebra for her wall!! lol!)

giant pink flamingo diy

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